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People at the Nunez Lab


Principal Investigator & Henderson-Harris Fellow

Dr. Joaquin C. B. Nunez

Ph.D. Brown University

Sc.M. Brown University

B.Sc. University of Miami

I am a population geneticist interested in understanding the genetic basis of adaption in rapidly changing ecosystems. Learn more about me by clicking here.

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email: Joaquin.Nunez[at]

Farm Field

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Undergraduates, PhDs/MS, and Postdocs

Please inquire about opportunities at Joaquin.Nunez[at]


PhD student (Co-Mentored w/ Melissa Pespeni)

GRFP Fellow

Andrew McCracken

B.Sc. Wesleyan University

Andrew's research focuses on the adaptive and evolutionary responses of marine organisms to multifactorial stress in the context of global climate change. He uses echinoderms (sea stars and sea urchins) to investigate selection responses to thermal and immune stressors. His work in the Nunez lab will explore modeling approaches to identify mechanisms underlying resistance, resilience, and vulnerability to wildlife diseases in fluctuating environments.

Previous Trainees 

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