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The DEST dataset featured as the cover of MBE

Kapun, Nunez, Bogaerts-Márquez,  Murga-Moreno, Paris, et al, 2021.

Art by Roberto Torres


Barnacles featured in the cover of the Whole Genomes Special Edition of Molecular Biology (see Image 27 on the cover)

Nunez et al., 2021

Picture by Fredrik Pleijel



Nunez JCB, Lenhart BA, Bangerter A, Murray CS, Yu Y, Nystrom TL, Tern C, Erickson PA, Bergland AO, “A cosmopolitan inversion drives seasonal adaptation in overwintering Drosophila”, bioRxiv 2022.12.09.519676; doi:  


Parasite manipulation of host phenotypes inferred from transcriptional analyses in a trematode-amphipod system.

David M. Rand,  Joaquin C. B. Nunez,  Shawn Williams,  Stephen Rong,  John T. Burley,  Kimberly B. Neil,  Adam N. Spierer,  Wilson McKerrow,  David S. Johnson,  Yevgeniy Raynes,  Thomas J. Fayton,  Nicholas Skvir,  David A. Ferranti,  Maya Greenhill Zeff,  Amanda Lyons,  Naima Okami,  David M. Morgan,  Kealohanuiopuna Kinney,  Bianca R. P. Brown,  Anne E. Giblin,  Zoe G. Cardon (2023).

Molecular Ecology, DOI:


Polygenic variation in sexual investment across an ephemerality gradient in Daphnia pulex

Karen Barnard-Kubow, Dörthe Becker, Connor S. Murray, Robert Porter, Grace Gutierrez, Priscilla Erickson, Joaquin C. B. Nunez, Erin Voss, Kushal Suryamohan, Aakrosh Ratan, Andrew Beckerman, Alan O. Bergland
Molecular Biology and Evolution, msac121, [link]


Drosophila Evolution over Space and Time (DEST) - A New Population Genomics Resource

Martin Kapun, Joaquin C. B. Nunez, María Bogaerts-Márquez, Jesús Murga-Moreno, Margot Paris, Joseph Outten, Marta Coronado-Zamora, et al.  

Molecular Biology and Evolution, msab259, [link]

From tides to nucleotides: genomic signatures of adaptation to environmental heterogeneity in barnacles.

Nunez JCB, Rong S., Ferranti DAU, Damian-Serrano A., Neil K.B., Glenner H., Elyanow R.G., Brown. BRP, Rosenblad MA, Blomberg A., Johannesson K., and Rand DM.

Molecular Ecology, DOI:10.1111/mec.15949 [link]


Characterizing the cirri and gut microbiomes of the intertidal barnacle Semibalanus balanoides.

Brown, B.R.P., Nunez, J.C.B. & Rand, D.M.

anim microbiome 2, 41 (2020). [PDF] [link]

Ecological load and balancing selection in circumboreal barnacles

Nunez JCB, Rong S, Damian-Serrano A, Burley JT, Elyanow RG, Ferranti DA U, Neil KB, Glenner H, Rosenblad MA, Blomberg A, Johannesson K, Rand DM. (2020) “Ecological load and balancing selection in circumboreal barnacles”, Molecular Biology and Evolution, msaa227, DOI: [PDF]

Footprints of natural selection at the mannose-6-phosphate isomerase locus in barnacles [PDF]

Nunez JCB, Flight PA, Neil KB, Rong S, Eriksson LA, Ferranti DA, Rosenblad MA, Blomberg A, and Rand DM. (2020). 

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; Feb;117(10).  DOI:


Population Genomics and Biogeography of the Northern Acorn Barnacle (Semibalanus balanoides) Using Pooled Sequencing Approaches. [link]

[Book Chapter available in Springer's Website]

Nunez J.C.B., Elyanow R.G., Ferranti D.A., Rand D.M. (2018)

In: Oleksiak M., Rajora O. (eds) Population Genomics: Marine Organisms.

Population Genomics. Springer, Cham

Stable genetic structure and connectivity in pollution-adapted and nearby pollution-sensitive populations of Fundulus heteroclitus. [PDF]

Joaquin C. B. Nunez, Leann M. Biancani , Patrick A. Flight , Diane E. Nacci , David M. Rand , Douglas L. Crawford  and Marjorie F. Oleksiak

Published:09 May 2018.


A Cost-Effective Approach to Sequence Hundreds of Complete Mitochondrial Genomes. [PDF]

Joaquin C. B. Nunez, Marjorie F. Oleksiak 

Published: August 9, 2016.


Population Genomics of the Euryhaline Teleost Poecilia latipinna. [PDF]

J. C. B. Nunez, T. P. Seale , M. A. Fraser , T. L. Burton , T. N. Fortson , D. Hoover, J. Travis, M. F. Oleksiak, D. L. Crawford 

Published: September 3, 2015.

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