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Corals Under the Sea

Undergraduate research at the Nunez Lab

If you are interested in evolutionary biology, population genetics, computational biology, molecular evolution, fruit fly genetics, genomics of "weird marine critters", or  "all things barnacle"... undergraduate research at our lab is a great way to enrich your professional preparation at UVM.

Follow these steps in order to apply to the lab:

1. Make contact. Please send Dr. Nunez and email with ALL of the following information to joaquin.nunez [at]

  • Your name, UVM major, and how far along you are in the program.

  • Your most up-to date transcript (if second-year or more advanced)

  • A resume of CV

  • A succinct description of what attracted you to this lab? Is there a particular aspect of our work that interests you?

  • Please note that we often don't review incomplete applications.

2.  Follow up with Dr. Nunez. Sometimes life gets very busy. So if you don't hear from Dr. Nunez in about a week (and your application was complete), feel free to send a quick follow up.


3. A brief interview will take place in which we will discuss the dynamics of joining the lab.

During this interview Dr. Nunez, will ask you the following questions:

  1. Describe your career interests and goals

  2. Why would you like to volunteer in a biology research lab? What goal(s) do you want to have accomplished by the end of the position?

  3. Do you have other lab or job experience and/or any related positions?

  4. What do you believe is the most important thing you can offer to our lab?

  5. What does equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice mean to you and what are the ways in which you would contribute to the diversity of perspectives and lived experiences represented in the lab?

  6. Do you have a question for us about the lab?

What happens next?

It is customary for students to first join the lab as volunteers for one entire semester. In this role, they will come to the lab 5-10 hours a week to work on a goal oriented project under the supervision of a senior lab member.

Students who have volunteered for at least one semester may become eligible to obtain research credit. This involves developing an independent research project and/or  honors thesis.

Students interested in Summer Research must check out these competitive funding opportunities: 

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